Srishti Bhalla

Brandon A Comer 

Brandon A. Comer is a multi-faceted designer living in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Brandon has always felt a natural ability to empathize with people. It’s what led him to his B.S in Psychobiology at UCLA, his career in healthcare technology, and finally to design. His seven years as Nuclear Engineering and Submarine Officer in the U.S. Navy has influenced his systems and detail oriented approach. Having experienced the power of design, it is Brandon’s personal mission to evangelize and leverage design to help solve today’s most challenging problems.  Blending the motivations of design, technology and business, he seeks to create enjoyable, useful products and services to improve people’s lives.

Leila Ensaniat

Jonathan Goldblatt

Bojian Han
Bojian Han, a.k.a. Bob, is a product designer with contemporary design sensibility. Through keen observation and intuition, he strives to create innovative products and experiences that are not only effectively functional, but also meaningful. His action-oriented sensitivity helps him seek insights of users on a deeper, emotional level. He received his bachelor’s degree from RISD and worked at companies like Teams Design, Movado, and Kohler.

Steven Huang

Jason Jo

Catalina Johnson

Ju Chia Lee

Devanshi Mehra

Matthew O’Rourke
Matthew draws inspiration from the people and items in his home. His taste is split between rational modern and ornate english crafts. He is interested in home goods, furniture, and Calm Technology as he feels we need less tech competing for our attention. Matthew is married to Tara and Father to Elise, Peter, and Emma. Success to Matthew is progressing in harmony with his family, his career, his community, his beliefs, and himself.

Rosrena Wong
As an industrial designer, Rosrena enjoys solving creative challenges, and has always been fascinated by the way humans interact with their surroundings. She wishes to integrate technologies with products to bring not only efficiency but also emotional satisfactions into people’s lives. With a belief that functional simplicity is the essence of timeless design, she strives to create unique and meaningful products, to solve problems with innovative solutions, and to enhance everyday living.

Sohee Woo