ACCD Graduate Industrial Design – Students & Alumni

Chase Airmet

Chase created his degree at the University of Utah taking advantage of the university studies program to combine architecture, communications, fine art, and design into a Design Theory & Practice degree. After school he started work with the Spark Health Innovation Lab as a research fellow, and as a product designer for Espiritu Design, a local product design and development firm. He volunteered numerous hours for the Universities new Multidisciplinary Design program. Chase is excited to be in the GradID program where he hopes to refine his talents, and gain the skills necessary to create and influence change through design.

Erin Ballard

Erin has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, Erin worked as an intern at Albany International, Fujifilm and Duracell. After graduating, Erin started her career as a research engineer for Duracell. In that role she worked on new battery design concepts and earned a patent for her work in micro-tomography. Erin then transitioned to Gillette where she worked as a consumer researcher for new to market products for the Venus brand. In her free time, Erin loves the outdoors and staying active. Erin was a member of the New Balance Boston Elite Running Team for five years and continues to run competitively. Erin is excited about incorporating her background in both hard sciences and consumer research into her industrial design career.

Robert Campoy

Robert Campoy received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown University in 2008 with a double major in English and Studio Art. An avid painter and writer, Robert is fascinated by the power of storytelling, in all forms, to move people on a primal level, and believes that compelling narratives should be at the heart of design. With that in mind, Robert is delighted to be at GradID where he hopes to focus his abilities as a storyteller and creative thinker under a strict discipline.

Garrett Dobbs

Garrett Dobbs attended Stanford University from 2007-2011 as a recruited athlete on the 2010 NCAA national champion Stanford mens volleyball team. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering: Product Design. Garrett has since been living in Los Angeles working in analytics with a private equity fund, but is now excited to attend Art Center and revisit his creative passions. His hobbies include athletics, improv comedy, and playstation. Follow him at

Shiva Farrokhi

Born and raised in Tehran, Shiva always felt a strong fascination for creation, which led her to study Industrial Design at University of Tehran. She has a passion for creating new or unexpected experiences for people and designing for all layers of society to bring awareness and have an impact through responsible designs. She gets inspiration from nature in form, function, and/or strategies and loves to apply her knowledge in various design contexts.

Max Greenberg

Max received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Rochester followed by a design and engineering internship at Priority Designs. With a passion for both the technical and aesthetic aspects of product design, Max joined the GradID program with the goal of working at the intersection of these two disciplines. Max loves swimming, biking, and gazing endlessly into the intricate mechanisms of fine Swiss watches.

Jeremy Ingram

In 2001 Jeremy Ingram graduated with a BS in Industrial Design from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. The last 12 years Jeremy has worked at various companies as well as his own design company with a focus on space planning and custom fixtures. The last four years he has designed, co-owned and operated First and Hope American Bistro as well as a small café by the name of Prime Grind in downtown Los Angeles. With a strong desire to return to the field of industrial design Jeremy has decided to pursue his masters at Art Center.

Joe Kane

Joe Kane was brought up in a culturally diverse and enriching environment. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Art and Architecture, Joe worked for five years as a Visualization Artist at Uni-Systems, an engineering firm in Minneapolis which specializes in large, mechanized structures. Born and raised in Minnesota, Joe has an affinity for the natural environment and strives to embed the beauty and resilience of nature into his designs.

Rahul Khatri

Rahul did his undergrad in Product Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India and graduated in 2007. After which, he started his career as a junior product designer for Lemon Design Pvt. Ltd. (a graphic design studio). Over the next five years he worked to build up the department of Industrial Design and had the honor of running it. Being passionate and sensitive about design has always been his driving force. To create products that are responsible for the impact it has on society and the environment as well as ensuring that technology reaches out to change the lives of the common man is his motive to design. He believes design can no longer be measured just by their beauty and functionality and is proud to be a part of Art Center, to ensure he reaches that goal.

Sameer Yeleswarapu

Sameer was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. In 2004, he was awarded NASA’s Honorable Mention Award for discovering a new property in triangles. In 2007, he joined BITS, Pilani, which is one of the most reputable colleges in India and completed his Bachelors in Pharmacy. Sameer joined Butterfly Fields as a Research Associate/ Product Designer and designed education toys for children of ages 6-15. He has his own workshop at home where he keeps experimenting and building.

Ekin Zileli

Ekin was born where West meets East, the port city of Turkey, Izmir.  Raised in this cradle to glorious civilizations where design is a central aspect of life, design quickly became Ekin’s passion at an early age and she completed her degree in industrial design in IEU with high honors.  Her vision of “design for people” led her to a design strategy internship with Jozeph Forakis in Milan, Italy.  After that, Ekin started working at one of the most preeminent inter-disciplinary design offices of Turkey in Istanbul: Demirden Design / ilio. Throughout her time at Demirden, she developed holistic design solutions for leading brands in Turkey including products, retail, exhibitions and events. After a three year marathon in Istanbul, Ekin decided to enroll in GradID to combine her background and creativity with cutting edge design strategy expertise.

Michelle Cheng

Michelle has spent the past two years in Art Center’s undergraduate Product Design program, fulfilling her passion to design, research, and solve problems with unique solutions. She is excited to enter the gradID department to further expand on those skills and focus on human centered design coupled with strategic and business thinking. She holds an M.S. in political science from UCLA.

Margaret Frye

Margaret Frye built her creative foundation in the jewelry design and metalsmithing program at the University of Texas. Before commencing Masters studies at Art Center, she honed her material awareness and structural sensibility as a jewelry and softgoods designer, as well as an art fabricator in several prominent NYC studios.  Margaret has also dedicated much of her time as an arts educator to several non-profit organizations, including the Brooklyn Public Library, Architecture and Design Museum, and 826 Organization. Regardless the situation, she brings with her an enthusiasm for user-driven design and a passion for discovery.

Mark Hummel

With his background in Engineering and Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Mark has an appreciation for sound engineering, intelligent assembly, and precision in design. Curiosity in the diverse fields of design led him to the movie industry where he fabricated props for major motion pictures. As a student in Grad ID he is interested in brand development and intelligent business models, and believes that good design has the potential to generate positive social change.

Jibum Jung

Annette Lamb

Annette graduated with honors from Georgetown University with a Japanese major and Art minor. After graduating, she was a financial analyst at a Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital where she oversaw a multi-million dollar budget. She then transitioned into marketing and project management at Digitas where she managed digital marketing programs from concept to execution for Procter & Gamble. Annette is excited about combining both her business and creative passions in her industrial design career.

Alexander Livingston

After receiving a film degree from NYU, Alexander Livingston worked for a decade producing media in New York City, mainly honing his talent in non-fiction television.  He is eager to combine the acquired, creative skills of making moving pictures with designing products and interface at Art Center College of Design.  Livingston is inspired by the simplicity and honesty found in systems of nature, and believes that the crucial conversation of our coming era is that of what, how and why we design our world.

Renee Mascarinas

From the best of both worlds – Renee was born in the Philippines and grew up in California.  The contrast of the two worlds helped her appreciate the value and impact of design at an early age.  Renee’s studies at University of California, Berkeley, which emphasized design and ecology, influenced her passion in expanding a user’s awareness of where, why, and how goods are delivered to the public.  She is also champion of empowering learning experiences through design.

Huang Qiaokun

Qiaokun Huang (“Kun”) was previously a senior designer at Nokia in Beijing, China where he worked as a lead designer on 5 globally launched mobile phone projects. Before Nokia, he studied industrial design at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and won Reddot Design Concept Awards in 2008. Kun believes in creativity, aesthetics, business, and human-centered design. He aspires to continue creating products that fulfill people’s needs while growing a company’s business.

Rich Siemer

After a 20 year career in architecture, Rich wanted to bring his sustainable design experience to a broader audience. An avid outdoorsman and endurance athlete, he also wanted to integrate his passion for adventure sports with his professional life. Industrial design satisfies these goals while also allowing him to pursue his love of making things. An avowed modernist, Rich strives for clean designs that balance the needs of both the user and the market.

Thomas Smiley

Thomas founded and owned his own automotive accessory manufacturing business. He then attended Art Center with a major in Advertising.  He interned at The CARLAB working on product planning and advanced strategy projects for major OEM manufactures while conducting an in depth research project on alternative fuel vehicles. He then decided to enroll in Grad ID to learn how to integrate human centered design into the development of future automobiles.

Mariana del Carmen Somma

A native Argentine raised in California, Mariana del Carmen Somma is fueled by her love for making, designing and exploring.  She has a background in architecture, high-end hospitality design and various mediums of fine art.  Her passion for being hands-on led her to woodworking, metalworking and CNC fabrication, where she decided to pursue a career in industrial design.  Mariana is eager to make an impact through her design and strives for innovations that contribute to society.

Federico Volio

Federico is passionate about designing products and systems that enable people to increase their mental clarity, have more focused interactions with others, and use resources more efficiently. He enjoys using a combination of analytical and creative thinking, a sensitivity for human behaviors, and an understanding of technology. He has developed these abilities by receiving a BS in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, working as an engineer, and practicing his long-time favorite discipline – meditation.

Keith Ahn