ACCD Graduate Industrial Design – Students & Alumni

Chen Chen

Whan Choi

MyungWhan Choi graduated from Parsons the New School Design with a B.F.A. Product Design. Striving for extensive and realistic elements that nurture businesses within the human-centered approach, his interest is to maneuvers a brand identity and to reshape its model. Especially, synthesizing rational and emotional values, he believes in design not only for customer needs but also services accommodating cultural assets throughout technologies adaptable to trends.

Mathew Clark

Mathew Clark was born and raised in Southern California. Always intrigued by engineering, design, and technology from childhood, Mathew obtained a BS degree in Industrial Design from Art Institute of Orange County. He worked for 2 years as a Product Designer for Designed Performance Products, Inc. During that time, he designed and worked with a collection of company licenses including Disney, Energizer, Nerf, Rock Candy and Afterglow to name a few. Furthering his career and honing his skills, He is currently attending the GradID program at the Art Center College of Design for his Graduate degree in Industrial Design

Curtis Egan

Anne Gagnon

Anne earned her Bachelor of Industrial Design from Auburn University in 2011. During her undergraduate career, she had the opportunity to work with companies like Emerson and Sky Design in addition to traveling abroad to study in Taiwan. Post-graduation, Anne worked for Main Street Renewal, LLC, a property management company, where she was responsible for purchasing and leveraging new properties. She is excited to refine her design sense through her education at Art Center.

Tom Gilmore

Tom received his B.A. in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University in 2006. Following graduation, he worked in the Technology Investment Banking Group at Morgan Stanley in Menlo Park, and then held various positions across the financial services industry in New York and Boston. He is a limited partner in Rucola, a Brooklyn based restaurant, and an avid long-distance runner who loves the outdoors. Tom is excited to combine his business and creative passions within his industrial design career.

Evan Howard

Cai Kui

Growing up with watching the NBA games and holding Michael Jordan as my idol, I have a strong passion for basketball. During times of loss or frustration, the words of Michael Jordan “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” would resonate in my ears and push me to march ahead. My admiration for him also sparked a strong interest for basketball footwear. For me, it’s not just a pair of shoes or a commodity; rather it’s an unforgettable story.
After working for 6 years in PEAK SPORT PRODUCTS CO., LIMITED as a designer of athletic products, I have decided to go back to school to equip myself with more knowledge and inspiration in order to achieve breakthrough in my design.

Zhiyu Liu (Angie)

Angie was born in and raised in China; she got a bachelor degree of Industrial design in Chengdu University of Technology and she was a senior product designer of Ricoh in Shanghai before entered in ACCD. She is strongly associated with Asian Market combing its trend with design aesthetic. Always obsessed with product innovation and high-technology for mass production, she is best known for these high-tech products, including printer, projector, camera and etc.

Xinyao Liu

Xinyao Liu is a Chinese young designer who benefits a lot from having design education in two different culture background. The experience in branding, product design, graphic design and design research makes her design thoughtful and multidimensional. She aspires to use industrial design as a vehicle to open a window in people’s life, making it much brighter. She’s good at solving problems in a more interesting way.

Subinay Malhotra

A Mechanical engineer and a product designer supporting a creative and innovative environment, enhancing design skills to grow as a professional in the coordination, construction, and systems of design. Solution oriented creative, who thrives in exacting situations and enjoys working on detailed projects, clear thinker with concentrated analytical, technical and interpersonal skills. Pragmatism keeps a balance and ameliorates optimism with his designs.

Tanmay Mhatre

Tanmay received his undergraduate degree in Industrial design from DJ Academy of Design, India. His interests lie in consumer durables and strategic design. He believes in a systems oriented and user centric approach thereby focusing on extensive research for his projects. Over the past years, he has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for various companies and start-up’s. He was also involved in the Mumbai transformation project initiated by IIT Bombay along with the Indian government, his role was to design the Bus Stop system for Mumbai. He is a part of the GradID program at Art Center College of Design where he hopes to refine his skill set making him capable of handling impactful projects that affect a larger audience.

Aarish Netarwala

Aarish graduated with a degree in product design from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He returned to his native country India, working at a leading studio – Elephant Design, on a wide array of consumer products. Aarish believes designers can lead the way in the creation of successful products, services and systems through human centered design. Joining GradID with a desire combine great design with strong user research and strategy, he hopes to be an effective catalyst in any scenario in the future.

Nathaniel Valdivia

Nathaniel received his Bachelor of Graphic Design from OCADU in Toronto Ontario Canada and accomplished a foundation year in industrial design studies at Pratt Institute in New York City. For the past few years he has worked as freelance designer for Sears Canada and various clients in Latin America. An avid interest in interdisciplinary design has led Nathaniel to GradID, where he is planning to further expand his skills and create meaningful human centered design solutions.

Zach Buchman

Zach graduated from Stanford University in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science. During an internship with the UNICEF U.S. Fund, he became aware of the need for rigorously researched design solutions for health, governance, and economic issues in the developing world. At Art Center, Zach is looking forward to gaining the concrete industrial design skills that will make him a more effective agent for change in the future.

Lucas Cargnin

Lucas has an undergraduate degree in Product Design from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Through college experienced different topics inside design, especially academic research, product development and manufacture. Bestowed with best bachelor`s thesis and two State level product design prizes, Lucas worked as designer for one of the largest furniture industries in Brazil. Now, he is eager to achieve new objectives, focusing on developing skills to manage products and people through all design process.

Ariane Fund

Ariane graduated from Brown University with her B.S. in civil engineering, and received a Masters of Engineering from MIT focusing on high performance structures. She spent the past six years working as an engineer in Boston and Los Angles, collaborating with architects on design and retrofit for building of all types. With her basis of analytical reasoning and technical skills, Ariane is excited to expand upon her aesthetic interests for a broader impact through industrial design.

Gina Om Guckian

Gina obtained her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in Engineering Science and Mechanics, with a concentration in biomechanics, while also playing for the Varsity WomenÕs Soccer Team. After graduating, Gina worked as a consultant in Washington D.C for Tecolote Research and Booz Allen Hamilton, supporting several Navy programs within Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Gina enjoys being active, sports, outdoor activities, and traveling the world. She is passionate about industrial design and is excited to grow as a designer.

Devina Jesrani

Devina is a creative problem solver by attitude who finds her joie de vivre in the tiny details that surround her and believes in the sheer power of design to affect lives. She graduated with a degree in Interior Design from CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India in 2010. After graduation, Devina returned home to Muscat, Oman and worked on several projects as interior designer, when she felt the need to further understand design at a more intimate scale. She is now excited at the opportunity of attending Art Center on a Fulbright scholarship and hopes that her time here will help expand her skill sets and make meaningful contributions through design.

Kye Kang

Kye received her B.A. in painting and printmaking from Ewha Womans University in Korea. With great interest in how consumer electronics affect today’s lifestyle and the interaction with mobile devices, she worked as an industrial designer at Samsung Electronics, iriver, Vtech/AT&T, Nokia, and Kohler. She is interested in branding and customer experience through the product lifecycle.

Vedang Kulkarni

Jeffrey Lin

Jeffrey Lin received his Architecture degree from MIT in 2013. In addition to space-making and urban systems, he loves to create meaningful narratives around people through filmmaking. Coupled with his passion in product design, Jeff is especially interested in understanding people’s needs and how to create products that enable a diverse audience to facilitate positive change. He was previously at a startup focused on home automation and later a design consultancy in trend forecasting.

Kathryn Maloney

Kathryn received her B.S. in civil engineering from the George Washington University. After graduation she relocated to Florence, Italy and practiced art conservation at SACI.Ê She then returned to the U.S. and worked as a consultant for a bridge design company in Boston, MA.Ê At GradID, Kathryn is eager to cultivate her sense of innovative human centered design and learn how those designs can be used as a tool to positively affect local and global change.

Clarice Rodriguez