Peilun Shan

Prior to the creative madness that was Art Center, Peilun earned his living as an applications developer for IBM Global Services and IBM’s Almaden Research Center.  As a developer, he gained expertise in systems and user interface design, but desired to expand his understanding of design to physical products as well as user experiences.  He is especially interested in the intersection between software technology and physical products.

Peilun holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington and is currently working as a freelance designer.

Meeyoung Ha

Youngnae Shin

David Stolzer

David is a graduate from The University of Kansas (yes I know, we’re not in Kansas anymore) where he first learned of user-centered design.  Through Grad ID, as well as his work experiences, David has assembled a unique combination of creative and business methodologies used to find original and non-obvious solutions.  He is currently working as an Industrial Design + Research Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.