Michael Attaway

Tearing things apart, bringing ideas together. At an early age, Michael Attaway showed an affinity for all things mechanical. This curiosity often led to the chagrin of his parents who had to deal with the remains of destroyed household appliances. After graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Michael moved to Dallas-Fort Worth and began a career in the aerospace industry. He has worked on many high profile programs such as the F-35 JSF Lightning II, variants of theF-16 and the BA-609 concentrating in landing gear systems integration and design. Michael has also always been an artist and strongly desired the pursuit of a more creative career.

John Badalamenti

John Badalamenti was born with an “if it ain’t broke, fix it anyway” mentality.  In 2009 he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Miami University, where he developed fundamental skills for design process and presentation.  After a full year of professional experience in architecture he has decided to narrow his concentration to the world of Industrial Design.  The Grad ID program at Art Center provides him with the education needed to lead the design process from concept through production phase.


Thomas Bertling

There’s no good surf in his home country of Germany, so Thomas Bertlingleft for California, where he completed his B.A. in Product Design atACCD. With fifteen years’ experience designing a wide variety ofprofessional and consumer goods, he also brings his expertise intoeducation, as a university-level instructor in Visual Communications.He’s excited to be part of the gradID program, to continue seekingprofessional challenges in industrial design, and explore opportunitiesin higher education as a way to forge connections between the businessand design worlds. And yeah, the surf here is pretty good!


Kevin Bethune

“Kevin arrived in GradID with a passion for human centered innovation.  Kevin previously worked for Nike, Inc. facilitating improvements in corporate planning and footwear product creation.  He managed to design shoes for the Jordan Brand in his spare time.  Prior to Nike, Kevin worked in the nuclear power industry after graduating with a B.S.M.E. from the University of Notre Dame, and later received his M.B.A. from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon.”


Hugo Giralt

A passionate and optimistic designer, entrepreneur and manager, Hugo believes in inspiring others through meaningful human experiences linking the digital and physical worlds. His experience has evolved during the past 13 years from traditional marketing roles towards culture changing product development and design driven innovation projects in international organizations such as Unicef, Coca-Cola and Telefonica. As a social entrepreneur he has co-founded several social projects and is an active collaborator, speaker and teacher promoting social change.


Philip Keller

While teaching German at the high school level, Philip Keller had the opportunity to work part-time as a product designer. Due to his subsequent hire by the small upstart, Phil was able to experience end-to-end product development on a few of his designs. With roles ranging from ideation to sales, he opted to deepen his understanding of design through formal study. Philip Keller holds a BA in German and a BA in Art History from the University of Missouri, St. Louis and is currently pursuing a MS in Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design.

Michelle Kollmeier

Bio Here

Jan Lienhard

Jan Lienhard was born and raised in Germany. He has always had an interest in Engineering and the Arts. Jan graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Design from Art Institute of Orange County. During his time there, he interned at Porsche Design Studio in Austria. After his Bachelor, Jan completed an Internship at BMW Designworks USA. Currently he is attending the GradID department to fine-tune his knowledge in technical skills, including business and technology.


Jasen Mehta

Jasen brings technical analysis together with creative synthesis; expressing science and engineering through form; utilizing products as enablers of our cultural values.  While technology informs us on the realms of possibility, Jasen is developing into the designer who is asked to interpret what is desirable for our sustainable futures.

At Art Center College of Design, Jasen is working to conceive not only objects, but the scenarios and strategies that allow for their connection between environment, society, and industry.

Warren Schierling

Bio Here

Siddharth Vanchinathan

“Born in Bangalore and brought up around India, Siddharth is a multi disciplinary designer who is looking to simplify everyone’s lives. With a background in engineering, he has been working as a freelance graphic and interface designer since 2004. He switched his focus to Industrial Design in 2008 and has worked with various clients in government, banking, automotive, medical and tourism sectors in Asia. His first startup Locomi was sold in 2009.

His website is http://sidv.co

Nina Viggi

Made in Italy , Grown in California – Nina Viggi has lived and traveled through diverse cultures. With such a multi-cultural background she has developed a sensibility of systems, human needs, and world issues –  around which her interest in design and the practice thereof is born. Recently graduated from the School of Art and Architecture at the University of California in Los Angeles, Nina is looking forward to developing her knowledge of human centered needs through design along with business practices here at the Graduate Industrial Design program at Art Center College of Design.


Roman Steven Yneges

Bio Here

Lan Yu

I’m from Beijing, China. Ever since I stepped into design by entering the Beijing Institute of Technology, one of the first industrial design programs in China 16 years ago, I have realized how much I enjoy and am intrigued by designing for the fast changing world. After graduation, I worked as a graphic designer, unify the company visual communication system and supervising visual design projects from company’s regional business branches,then worked on Tsinghua Tongfang’s brand though media and internet channels.

Sparks & Connections

These are large 4-6ft posters created for Katherine Bennett’s “Sparks and Connections” class. Students develop case studies of innovation, and based on what they learn, present “Archetypes of Innovation” – their theory of the different ways innovation happens.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open a new Flash window that allows for scrolling and zooming

Mainstream Displays
Tarangini Jindal, Ruthy Kim, Jules Moretti, Koo Ho Shin

Crayola Crayons
Leslie Evans, Christine Purcell

History of Innovation: Apple Macintosh / big sparks
Quinn Chow

History of Innovation: Apple Macintosh /medium & small sparks
Quinn Chow

James Chiang, Refik Atatur, Tarangini Jindal, Jihoon Kim

Byte into an Apple
Tim Brewer, Refik Atatur, Jihoon Kim

The World in a Laptop
James Chiang, Tarangini Jindal, Jules Moretti, Koo Ho Shin

Ruthy Kim, Koo Ho Shin, Uri Tzarnotzky

Sony Walkman
Amanda Vining

Big Bang Briefly (Ep. 01)

Nice description of the Big Bang. 2 minute YouTube video on the last 14 billion years. Great example of Macroscope thinking and an elegant visualization of a very complex idea.

James Chiang

Formerly a systems engineer at JPL NASA, James is a dedicated advocate of business embracing creative strategies for sustainable growth. As an engineer, James designed and tested flight hardware on the Mars Science Laboratory, the next Mars rover mission, scheduled to reach Mars in 2012. Home is Basel, Switzerland, where he lived for 17 years. James is currently concluding towards a M.S. in industrial design at Art Center College of Design. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering, with distinction, from the University of California, Los Angeles.

mobilityVIP wins two IDEA awards!

Mobility VIP has been recognized with two 2008 IDEA awards:
Silver in the category of Interactive Product Experiences
Bronze in the category of Ecodesign
This is the first occasion of IDEA awards being granted to an Art Center faculty project.

Entered mVIP cards into IDEA awards 2008

We submitted our mVIP cards and site into the Ecodesign , Research and Interactive categories of the IDSA design awards

mobilityVIP site is live

We launched a web site today for the mobilityVIP project. Part of that project was the development and testing of a set of cards that rapidly generate a futures scenario for mobility workshops. The project has now entered public beta and the site is at:


It includes some discussion of the process, a small gallery of work, and a Flash widget that simulates the card deck. I think some of you will get a kick out of what we’ve done.

More to come on this project in the coming months.

What is Vision Integration?

The vision integration process uses iterative cycles of rapid visualization with expert feedback for developing complex, future scenarios and innovation for that future. This kind of design and visualization practice is common in industrial design and entertainment industries where skilled artists and designers can rapidly accelerate innovation discussions. However, the practice is novel when applied to strategic planning, forecasting and large scale social systems. “Vision Integration” is the term coined at Art Center to describe this experimental practice. There are of course many instances in history where “artists concepts” have been used to inspire change to greater or lesser effect. Vision Integration intends to formalize the practice and make it a repeatable and deployable process for teams. The forthcoming mVIP card deck is one application of this research.

Sarena Yang

Graduated with BA in Industrial Design in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sarena chose to matriculate to grad school where she can continue her training and gain a deeper understanding of the complex and exciting world of Industrial Design. Fascinated by the physical and psychological variables of user experience, she would study, listen, and observe users carefully to identify their real needs. Her goal is to combine style and functionality to better the lives of the users.

Marie Bonner

David Huang

Graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2005 with an B.S. in Engineering, David continued to pursue his dream of becoming a designer by attending the gradID program in 2006.  He has since than produced a plethora of designs ranging from consumer to medical products that are currently on the market.  His passion for art and design can not only be seen in his design work but also in his personal work as well.  David has started a small design firm with another Art Center alumni in late 2009 and is now on their third client.


Tim Huntzinger