ACCD Graduate Industrial Design Students & Alumni

Greg Bagdasaryan

Jackie Chen

Jackie is a person who is curious and interested in discovering fresh concepts. He is committed to creating fun surprises and make life awesome with his designs. Jackie thrives off of the refinement of his work and loves to work iteratively.

Aidan Doan

Aidan is driven to design experiences and products that have a net positive impact on the world, meaning that the sum of their societal and environmental impacts is as positive as possible (and definitely not negative). He takes on projects that aim to move society forward and create a happier, healthier and more equal world. His background in materials science and engineering allows him to push the boundaries of materials while still being grounded in reality.

Eddie Gao Liwen

Adele Hennigar

Adele grew up in Napa, California and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Boston Conservatory. She attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design for a certificate in Industrial Design before beginning in the Graduate Industrial Design Program at Art Center. Adele strives to provide thoughtful design that is empathetic to people’s needs and blends together the concepts of comfort and flow.

Amber Li

Amber Li, comes from Shanghai, China, is passionate in industrial design and is willing to see well-designed products penetrate all through peoples’ daily lives, improving public aesthetics. As a designer, she focuses on designing products for daily life, that besides functions, aim to improve the customers’ concept and value of their lifestyle, giving them a more fun and positive attitude towards life in a subtle way.

Xin Qi

Xin Qi graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a design master degree. She believes that design is to create a wonderful order for the world, which integrates aesthetics, balance and harmony. She has a strong interest in causality and has great insight for it. She loves to observe and deliver subtle connections from the design perspective. Design helps her explore more unknown and acquire an intriguing and enjoyable lifestyle.

Howie Yuan

Howie graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Design. In his opinion, design is not only about innovation, but also about understanding ourselves as human beings. His design process is detailed; he considers all angle of the user experience. His designs are minimalist, practical, poetic, playful and enlightening.