Kevin Bethune, Design Champion, speaks at TED@BCG at East End Studios, October 4, 2017, Milan, Italy. Photo: Richard Hadley / TED

Design veteran Kevin Bethune (Graduated from GradID in 2012) argues that designers’ talents are often undervalued in business. He says that all designers have four key superpowers: x-ray vision, shapeshifting, extrasensory perception (ESP) and the ability to make others superhuman. Sound unbelievable? Watch and learn what can happen when designers are given space in the workplace to thrive and grow.

Kevin Bethune is Vice President of the Strategic Design cohort at BCG Digital Ventures for North America, where he infuses design thinking principles into the DNA of Fortune 100 companies. Prior to BCGDV, Kevin enjoyed a multidisciplinary career spanning engineering in nuclear power and digital product creation within Nike, Inc., where he found opportunities to design shoes before solidifying his design education at ArtCenter College of Design. Kevin is passionate about sketching connected hardware concepts as the boundaries between physical and digital interaction continue to blur.

“The 4 Superpowers of Design”