Speakers: Irene and Noam Krasniansky
Irene and Noam Krasniansky, co-founders of Bambooee®, presented their products and company to the Grad ID department. According to their website, Bambooee® was founded in 2011, inspired by a kitchen conversation between the husband and wife team. In 2009 Irene told Noam that she didn’t want to use paper towels in her kitchen anymore,  learning that only 7% of the Brazilian rainforest was still intact. Noam set out to develop a product that not only replaced disposable paper towels made from trees, but one that was made out of a sustainble and renewable resource.

They have appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their products and company for funding. They were funded by Lori Greiner, of the QVC Network. Bambooee sells to QVC, Home Shopping and retail stores internationally.

Watch Bambooee Pitch (Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 18)