Ekin Zileli
Ekin was born where West meets East, the port city of Turkey, Izmir. Raised in this cradle to glorious civilizations where design is a central aspect of life, design quickly became Ekin’s passion at an early age and she completed her degree in industrial design in IEU with high honors. Her vision of “design for people” led her to a design strategy internship with Jozeph Forakis in Milan, Italy. After that, Ekin started working at one of the most preeminent inter-disciplinary design offices of Turkey in Istanbul: Demirden Design / ilio. Throughout her time at Demirden, she developed holistic design solutions for leading brands in Turkey including products, retail, exhibitions and events. After a three year marathon in Istanbul, Ekin decided to enroll in GradID to combine her background and creativity with cutting edge design strategy expertise.